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Sage Canyon Elementary dance is sealed with a KISS

Girls at Sage Canyon invited a special adult guest to escort them to a ball with a wintry theme.  Photo booths and yummy treats were highlights, but dancing was the evening’s centerpiece.

By Lisa Crockett; photos courtesy of Sage Canyon Elementary

At Sage Canyon Elementary,  the annual winter ball had a “frozen” theme.  But despite its wintry tone, the dance was anything but dreary.  Girls at the school got down on the dance floor with their invited guests who included dads, moms, grandpas and other significant adults in the girls’ lives.

“We decided to change things a little bit this year, and not call it a ‘daddy-daughter’ dance,” said Sheryl Rose, Sage Canyon’s parent teacher organization president.  “Instead, we came up with the acronym KISS – Kids Invite Someone Special, so that girls felt free to invite any adult they chose.”

The centerpiece of the night was, of course dancing.  The DJ engaged girls and their guests in lots of participatory activities like line dancing, dance contests, and the “YMCA.”

“A lot of the dads danced so hard,” said Rose. “I’m pretty sure a lot of them were really sore the day after the dance!”

Other highlights of the night included a corsage given to each girl in attendance, and photo booths, which came stocked with props for silly photos.

“I loved all the crazy costumes we could use in the pictures,” said Rose’s daughter Sophia, who attended the dance with her dad, Herb and sister OakLeigh. “I had a great time.”



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