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Self-publishing is easier than you think…

By Steve Whitlock

Bibliophiles Corner

Authors write for various reasons. Those might include entertainment, journaling, therapy, or just to create. Many authors also write to be heard, understood, and to influence others. After all, writing is communication. Being read and received can be deeply rewarding. Yet, some authors find the publishing process to be daunting, even intimidating. Today that is changing, as self-publishing has become simplified and increasingly accessible.

To start with, there are numerous companies to choose from including the behemoths of the self-publishing world Amazon and Apple, as well as the boutique publishers like BookBaby, Blurb and Medium. The good news is, all of them make it pretty easy. Publishing can be as simple as writing something, uploading the document, and choosing the cover art.

Of course, it also takes money. Paying up front means you have control of distribution, cost recovery, and the ability to sell through third party retailers. If self-publishing a book is a consideration, below are some helpful hints: Outline the idea; write consistently, setting weekly writing goals; rewriting is good writing; edit away; let readers and editors influence your work; design the artwork; people really do choose books by covers; choose online publishers and research costs, benefits and strengths; and get the word out by launching, marketing and networking.

Once the book arrives, selling, distributing or even gifting the book can begin. Of course, some self-publishing authors choose a print-on-demand option in order to avoid an abundance of inventory. That’s often more expensive, but it is convenient. An even simpler way to publish is through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing program. It’s free for authors to upload and list their books, and buyers can choose to order the e-book version or have a print copy made. You can publish on other e-book platforms like Kobo, an e-book app for your Apple device.

An anonymous author once said, “The best books in the world started with a first word.” The best way for words to be read is for them to be published.



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