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Soil is the great connector

A Denver Zoo employee educating Xcel employees and volunteers about perennial grasses.

On September 9, more than a dozen citizens came together to pitch in a little muscle to help save the soil at Daniels Park.  As part of Xcel Energy’s Day of Service, and with the help of Denver Zoo, the group of volunteers picked up shovels and rocks and got to work.  

The goal was to build small stone dams to help reverse erosion from water run-off in low-lying areas in the grasslands at Daniels Park.  These dams are critical for restoring the land to prevent soil loss, habitat loss, flooding and other ecological concerns.  

The volunteers also learned how to collect plant seeds from native perennial grasses.  The idea is to reseed areas that need more help stabilizing the soil. 


Volunteers helped to build stone dams to stop soil erosion as part of Xcel Energy’s Day of Service.

Xcel Energy employee Colleen Norwine and resident Karen Leigh worked together on the soil project.

Article and photos by Karen Leigh



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