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Spring is Around the Corner… Reserve Parks and Fields Now

It’s hard to remember during the middle of winter that springtime is around the corner. This means that outdoor sports teams will begin meeting and practicing soon.

If you are coaching a sports team or are involved in a sports league that will begin practice this spring and you need to reserve park space, make sure to contact the Metro District to reserve one of CPN’s three park locations. The three fields available to all residents include: The Retreat Park, Daniel’s Gate Park, and Coyote Ridge Park.

Several soccer, baseball, softball, football and lacrosse teams utilize parks for team practice. Park pavilions can also be reserved for birthday parties or other group events. To reserve a CPN park, the majority of the sports team must reside in Castle Pines North.

Please make sure your group or team cleans up the park and field after meetings and/or practices. Trash bins are available at each park to help ensure that we keep our community clean.

If you would like to reserve a ball field or picnic pavilion in one of CPN’s three local parks, please contact Charlie Fagan at 303-688-8550, ext. 20, or e-mail



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