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The freak

by SimonBRE Ridgeline staff reporter

Tim “the freak” Lincecum led his team, the San Francisco Giants to a win over the Texas Rangers in the 2010 World Series. Then he played in game five of the World Series and went on to win it. He did that with his freakishly long, intimidating hair. Even though Tim is 5’11” and 172 lbs., he is very small for a major league pitcher. He has an amazing ability to throw super fast pitches. His fastball is 90-93 miles per hour and he has one of the strangest motions in the league, but it works!

Lincecum was drafted by the Chicago Cubs in the 48th round in the 2003 MLB draft. He didn’t sign a contract. He decided to attend college at the University of Washington and played two years of Baseball. In 2006, he was drafted by the San Francisco Giants, becoming the first ever first round draft choice to be from Washington University. He ended up signing for a $2.025 million contract.

He has won the last 2008-2009 National League Cy Young Awards. This makes him one of three second-year players to win it in the National League. The first players were Dwight Gooden and Bret Saberhagen.

Lincecum’s main pitches are a two-seam fastball, a changeup he grips like a splitter, a great curveball, a slider, and a four-seam fastball. Tim “the freak” Lincecum has had a great career and wants to continue his great performance.

Ridgeline is Buffalo Ridge Elementary’s online newspaper. Each month, a student piece will be printed in The Castle Pines Connection. Simon is a fourth-grader in Mrs. Pinke’s class. He gathered research for this piece from

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