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TTE star spellers

TTE Spelling Bee winner, Max Graef (right) and first runner-up Grace Regnier (left).

Article and photo by Lisa Crockett

“Wasabi” isn’t the only thing that’s hot at Timber Trail Elementary (TTE). After hours of practice and preparation, fifth grader Max Graef spelled the word (a spicy-hot root used as a condiment with Japanese food), blazing a trail to victory at Timber Trail’s annual spelling bee. Fourth grader Grace Regnier was the runner-up, correctly spelling “Maestro” for the second-place title.

“I used flash cards and practiced a lot,” said Graef of his strategy for winning the first-place trophy.

The 30 contestants were chosen from the school’s top performers on a pre-test given to fourth and fifth graders. Competitors were then given a long list of practice words and also participated in practice spelling bees prior to the official event.

“This is a fun way for the kids who are good at spelling to showcase their talent,” said Jesica Harrington, a fifth-grade teacher at TTE and coordinator of the school’s spelling competition. “It’s fun, and it also inspires the other students who are watching the bee.”

Winners from each school will compete in the School District Spelling Bee on February 15.



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