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Use Less Water – XERISCAPE

Xeriscape* is the logical solution to landscape design in the semi-aird state of Colorado. In the days of extreme drought, water restrictions and higher water bills, Xeriscape is a reponsible approach to water conservation.

Derived from the Greek word, xeros, meaning “dry,” Xeriscape is a method that promotes water conservation through creative landscaping. Utilizing Xeriscape also reduces landscape maintenance and use of fertilizers and pesticides. Many homeowners throughout Castle Pines North have made the decision to remove portions or their lawn. Water dependent Kentucky Blue Grass has been replaced with flagstone, large rocks, river rocks, mulch, stepping stones, low-water ground covers and drought tolerant native plants.

Remember, beauty is never sacrificed when using Xeriscape….just water!

*Editor’s Note: The word “Xeriscape” is a registered trademark of the Denver Water Department and was developed in 1981 to help promote water conserving landscape methods.



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