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Village Homes Begins Development of Commercial Land in Heart of CPN

The land located on the corner of Castle Pines Parkway and Monarch Boulevard has been zoned for commercial development since the master plan for Castle Pines North was first created in 1984. “What does the zoning allow? View the CPN Development Guide.”

Originally, the commercially zoned area consisted of more than 20 acres. In 2000, eight acres were sold to the Douglas County School District to become home to Timber Trail Elementary.

Now, the owners of the land are taking the first steps toward developing the remaining 15.7 acres.

The land is owned by Pinark, LLC. Village Homes controls 50 percent of Pinark, and is taking the lead on getting County approval for development. They have submitted plans to Douglas County to sub-divide the land into seven individual commercial lots (approximately 2 acres each), and build additional streets and access roadways. Following the county approval process, Pinark plans to then sell the seven lots to interested developers.

Village Homes Hosts Community Meeting

On Thursday, January 13, homeowners with property adjacent to the commercially zoned land were invited to a public meeting, hosted by Village Homes, at the CPN Community Center.

During the meeting, representatives from Village Homes presented the “sketch phase” process currently underway with the County. “The end result for Village is to break down the property into lots so it can be sold,” said Karen Holbert, Public Processing Manager for Village Homes.

CPN residents expressed a variety of concerns during the meeting, including potential uses for the property. Representatives from Village Homes stated offers for the property have been received from a day care, drug store and a bank. “No decisions have been made to date,” said Holbert.

Residents at the meeting requested that Village Homes “deed restrict” the land which would preclude certain types of businesses, such as fast food chains, from being allowed on the property. Residents also discussed other alternatives, such as finding a buyer that would develop more favorable uses, or raising funds to acquire the property and preserve it as open space.

What Can CPN Resident Do?

“CPN residents have enjoyed the land being undeveloped for years, and many residents are currently engaged in efforts to find alternative solutions,” said Master Association President Linda Nuzum. If you would like to join the Commercial Development Committee to help with this effort, please call 303-482-3078, or e-mail “The property owners have legal rights to utilize their land, but we’d love to find a creative solution that benefits everyone,” Nuzum said.

What else can you do?

Village Homes has invited CPN residents to send letters to express their opinions:

Village Homes
Attn: Karen Holbert
Public Processing Manager
100 Inverness Terrace East, Suite 200
Englewood, CO 80112
Phone: 303-795-1976
Fax: 303-795-1467

What Happens Next?

Three steps must be completed before any construction could begin:

First, Douglas County Commissioners have to approve the sub-division plan proposed by Village Homes. Following the review of the plan by Douglas County staff members, a public hearing will be scheduled with the Douglas County Commissioners. (Watch for a community wide e-mail alert with the meeting time and location.)

Second, Village Homes would then sell the lots to potential developers who would design their building and site plans.

Third, the County must approve any site plans proposed by the new developers.

“We have many hard working CPN residents volunteering their time toward the best possible outcome,” said Nuzum. “The Commercial Committee is looking into alternatives. At the same time, our Development Review Committee will continue to work on specific aspects of Village’s current plan as it goes through the County process.”

Brian Stopps, CPN Master Association Board Member and chairperson of the Development Review Committee, said, “We are not the Douglas County zoning and planning committee and we don’t have the authority to decide what will be built on this land. But the County does ask for our comments for specific elements of plans.” Stopps said that Village Homes has made some changes in their plan as a result of the Committee’s suggestions regarding access and pedestrian issues.

For more information about Village Homes and their other commercial developments, please visit, and view Village Homes’ description of the CPN commercial property.

For more information on CPN community efforts, or to join the Commercial or Development Review committee, contact the Master Association at 303-482-3078, or e-mail



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