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As sweet as Carmel

By Julie Matuszewski; photos courtesy of Kristi Calfee

Photo of Carmel is one of the smallest lop-eared rabbit breeds

Carmel is one of the smallest lop-eared rabbit breeds. She continues to bring the Calfee family joy and smiles as she is fun to watch hop around the family home.

Carmel, a Holland Lop bunny hopped herself into the lives of the Calfee family four years ago. Castle Pines resident Kristi Calfee grew up with pet rabbits and is all too familiar with raising the fluffy friends. After a visit to the Denver Dumb Friends League, the Calfee family decided a pet rabbit was the perfect addition to their family. Due to severe allergies, a local family was in search of the perfect family to raise their Holland Lop and with a little help from a social media app, Carmel was placed with the Calfee family at four months old.

Originally named Harley, Carmel’s soft fur coat resembles that of a sweet caramel candy. It was the Calfee’s daughter, Katelyn, who gifted their Holland Lop with the name Carmel. Carmel is a friendly, soft and small indoor rabbit. She has been a good family pet for the Calfees. By nature, Holland Lops have sweet and gentle temperaments, which make them ideal for families with children.

Holland Lops are one of the most popular domestic rabbit breeds in the U. S. They were first bred by Adrian de Cock, as a hybrid of the French Lop and the Netherland Dwarf, and were recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association in 1979 and by the Netherlands Governing Rabbit Council in 1984. Their lopped ears are one of their most distinctive features and are one of the smallest lop-eared breeds, weighing no more than 4 pounds. Holland Lops are an active breed full of life and require plenty of attention and playtime to be happy, healthy pets.

Photo of Parker and Katelyn Calfee with their pet bunny

Parker and Katelyn Calfee not only love that Carmel is snuggly, soft and sweet, but they also find her calming to pet and interact with.

The Calfees call playtime hop-abouts. Carmel loves to spend time out of her cage and stretch her legs. She hops so fast she often slides on the wood floor. When she finally comes to a stop Carmel likes to sit in front of the family fireplace. She doesn’t really know any pet tricks, but there are times when Carmel hops straight up in the air which is fun for the Calfee family to watch.

In addition to being adorable and lovable, Carmel (and the Holland Lop breed in general) is low maintenance. Their smooth coat does not require much grooming from their owners. In fact, Carmel always gives herself a bath once placed back in her cage and she has Timothy hay to chew on to keep her occupied when she is not being held. She loves lettuce, carrots and strawberry tops so much that she will thump her back legs when she wants more. Katelyn said it is amazing how well Carmel can communicate what she wants. Katelyn loves how she is soft and fluffy. She said it is fun to have a pet rabbit and enjoys taking care of Carmel.



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