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Breaking bread among friends and co-workers

Christian Brothers owners Steve and Andrea Peterson (center) host a lunch every Friday for their employees.

Article and photos by Lynn Zahorik

Every now and then you come across business owners who truly have their heart in their business and are equally as invested in their employees.

On Friday afternoons, Christian Brothers Automotive owners Steve and Andrea Peterson host a gratitude lunch for their staff as thanks for how hard they have worked and to bring everyone together as a team. Ceremoniously, they break bread on the alignment lift in the shop.

Expecting hotdogs and hamburgers the day I popped by, I was instead surprised and delighted at the sight (and smell) of filet mignon. The “level” of food is determined by how much business they produce each week. This must have been a very good week!

Christian Brothers owner Steve Peterson is grill master every Friday afternoon as he prepares a gratitude lunch for his entire staff.



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