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Buffalo Ridge Elementary school welcomes students

By Celeste McNeil; courtesy photos

Photo of BRE welcome for 2021-22 school year

Welcome back to BRE

Families and staff at Buffalo Ridge Elementary (BRE) recently rejoiced in the return of several annual back to school traditions.

BRE held a kindergarten and new family social a week before school began. This event allowed students and parents new to BRE to gather, meet new friends and play on the playground.

The traditional meet and greet was held two days prior to students returning to school. This event welcomed students and parents into the building to find classrooms, meet teachers, drop off school supplies, and get information about the fall carnival, BREA (the parent-teacher organization), and year-long extracurricular activities like band and orchestra.

The building was buzzing with students excited to see their friends and parents happy to be in the school again.

Art teacher Tim Ryckman, looking forward to this school year said, “the building already feels different” with students and parents in the halls.

Ryckman crafted large scale objects from cardboard and displayed them in the art room for visitors to interact with, including a camera, laptop, and giant scissors. He also created a mailbox and provided blank postcards for anyone to decorate and draw on and encouraged everyone to write about their summer adventures.

Meet and greet concluded with an ice cream social. Popsicles and individual ice cream cups were enjoyed by many before they returned home.

Fifth grade students gathered the evening before the first day of school in another tradition. The oldest students decorated the sidewalks around the school with positive and welcoming messages for everyone when they arrived the next morning.



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