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Canyons Development Moving Ahead

The view of the parcel that will become The Canyons across from CPN at I-25 from the Safeway Shopping Center. Photo by Tim Gamble.

by Lisa Crockett

Major roads in Castle Pines North (CPN) could benefit from the proposed development of “The Canyons,” a planned community on the east side of I-25 and Castle Pines Parkway.

Due to concessions made by the developer, Happy Canyon Partners – a subsidiary of The Alpert Company, it has been proposed that Douglas County could collect $306,000 to improve Monarch Boulevard and Daniels Park Road, as well as $126,000 to improve Castle Pines Parkway. The figures were disclosed at the County’s Planning Commission Hearing on March 12, during consideration of a “sketch plan” of the development.

According to Mike Staheli, a representative of the developer, it is unclear, however, whether this money will ever be collected. Because the project is still in its preliminary phases (this sketch plan is the first of many the developer will submit to the County), details are subject to change.

The Canyons will feature a 411-acre parcel of passive open space adjacent to the interstate, as well as a 58-acre regional public park, open to the pubic, and a 25-acre equestrian park.

The Canyons has been divided into two large parcels; “Canyons North” lies directly east of CPN on the east side of I-25. At the present time, it is proposed that “Canyons Parkway” – the arterial that runs the entire length of the development – will be accessed either via Castle Pines Parkway or Happy Canyon Road.

A number of residents who currently reside on the east side of Happy Canyon Road made statements at the Douglas County Planning Commission hearing on March 12, voicing their concerns about the possibility of the expansion of Happy Canyon to meet higher traffic demands.

“As the plan now stands, Happy Canyon will remain a two-lane road,” said Joe Fowler, Senior Planner on the project for the County. “Traffic is not projected to increase enough to require a change in the plan; the County does not want to see a four-lane road here and neither does the developer.”

Because the project covers a large territory, the developer will complete the project in phases requiring that the project be accessed either via Castle Pines Parkway or via Happy Canyon. At this time it is unknown which access will be developed first.

Also of great concern to those in attendance at the meeting was water. The Canyons project will be part of the Parker Water and Sanitation District. In addition, use of the area known as “Lemon Gulch” is a environmental concern to neighbors who live in the Sapphire Point neighborhood of Castle Rock. These residents raised concerns over flooding in the area with increased building.

According to the County’s geologic survey, however, the proposed development is within acceptable standards.

After lengthy public comment, the County Planning Commission approved the sketch plan and has now referred it for consideration by the Douglas County Board of County Commissionesr. The hearing date is yet to be determined.

For more information regarding The Canyons, visit or Concerned about the impact on traffic on Castle Pines Parkway? Send comments to Contact by email.



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