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Castle Pines North Master Association annual book swap

Information provided by Master Association board member Jim Steavpack

The Castle Pines Master’s Association sponsored a book swap in March. Approximately 300 Castle Pines residents attended the event, which was held at the Castle Pines community center.

Avid readers, boys looking for spy thrillers, chefs digging for cookbooks, and little girls seeking “Goosebumps” stories, had a good time searching through the more than 3,000 books that had been donated.

Jim Steavpack, Castle Pines North Master Association director noted that the younger volunteers made this event a success. “We couldn’t have done this without the help of Grace Owens, Liam Kelly, Amber Dalton, and Molly Steavpack. They are terrific volunteers,” stated Steavpack.

All un-swapped books were donated to the Rock Canyon Athletic Club and then given to the Douglas/Elbert County Task Force.

Volunteers and Castle Pines North Master Association board members take a break to share several books available at the annual book swap.



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