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City of Castle Pines improves pothole program

Information and photo provided by the City of Castle Pines

Repairing the persistent potholes that are ever-developing on the road in Castle Pines

Repairing the persistent potholes that are ever-developing on the roads in the City of Castle Pines is one component of the City of Castle Pines comprehensive street maintenance program. Since the end of the snow season last year, the public works department has been working to find a solution to the high failure rate for the asphalt patches along the main road arteries in the City.

Wintertime is the time of potholes. While they cause concern for everyone traversing the roadways, they drive the City of Castle Pines Public Works Department crazy. It’s similar to playing a game of whack-a-mole; as soon one repair is complete, another pops up. Potholes can appear seemingly overnight, even in areas that look solid and in good shape.  To make matters more challenging, recently-repaired potholes are constantly tested by Colorado winters.

Potholes are caused by water seeping into roadway cracks. This water expands inside of the pavement as it freezes, creating a weak patch. The Colorado winters, along with spring snowstorms, make the situation worse with the freeze-thaw cycle.

The City of Castle Pines has a comprehensive program to address potholes in the community. The public works department is looking at new methods, materials and processes to help pothole repairs last longer.

The City is currently testing a material on several spots along Castle Pines Parkway and Monarch Boulevard. After consultation with material suppliers, a tested and approved product that is widely used by CDOT and DIA due to its structural and application qualities was suggested for the repair of potholes on concrete roads.

So far, the test patches are showing some wear and tear, but as a whole are still providing the community excellent results, almost six months later. Based on this performance, the product has now become the new standard for concrete road patching in the City of Castle Pines.

To report a new pothole on Castle Pines roads, visit and complete the online form.



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