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Conserve Water This Irrigation Season

The irrigation season increases water demand in CPN by 450 percent. The average home in CPN uses four times more water in the summer months than in the winter. Here are a few ways you can help conserve water during this ongoing Colorado drought.

Don’t Water During the Heat of the Day

It is important to only water your lawn between midnight and 6 a.m., or 6 p.m. and midnight, to avoid evaporation losses from hot and windy weather conditions. Colorado is a semi-arid state. Mold and fungus will not develop on your lawn when watering at night unless you over water.

Don’t Over Water Your Lawn

Make sure to turn off sprinklers following rain and check soil moisture before you water. Or, water only dry areas in your yard, instead of the entire lawn.

Calculate Your Water Budget

The Metro District recently implemented a new water budget for CPN. It will feature a base fee and a four-tiered rate structure. The new budget is designed to promote conservation and increase awareness of the amount of water used during the irrigation season. If you would like to calculate the water budget based on your specific lot size, please contact the Metro District at 303-688-8550, ext. 11 or ext. 12.

Follow the Mandatory Watering Schedule for CPN

Mandatory water restrictions began on May 1st. If you did not receive a mandatory watering schedule, please contact the Metro District. Please pay attention to specific watering times allowed and make sure to water on the correct dates.

Apply for Rebates from the Metro District

By purchasing and installing rain sensors or programmable irrigation clocks, you can not only save water, you can apply for a rebate on your water bill from the CPN Metro District. Rebates are also available for low flow toilets and front loading washing machines.

For more information on water conservation tips, please review the Metro District newsletter,
CPN Metro District News, which was recently mailed to all CPN residents. Or, contact District Manager Judy Dahl at the CPN Metro District at 303-688-8550, ext. 11, or



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