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Dating throughout your marriage

By Bryan Goodland; courtesy photo

Like any relationship, marriage is subject to ups and downs. The key to staying connected in a partnership is communication. Oftentimes, it’s much easier to sit down in front of the television or a good book and get lost in another world. It takes effort to keep communication alive and well, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Dating and keeping fun at the forefront of a marriage is essential to having a long and fulfilling relationship. Maybe the kids have left the house, or now there are more married years than years of single life, but that doesn’t mean a couple should ever stop dating – even if it’s just grabbing a bite to eat at an old favorite spot. The key to successful marriage dating is not much different than dating when single. It’s all in planning fun dates that allow for interaction and conversation. Going to a movie or renting one at home can be a great break, but that doesn’t necessarily elicit good conversations. Here are some ideas to get started.

Mystery Date – Plan a surprise date. Make the reservations for dinner and choose the entertainment. Make sure your date is available and willing to embark on an unknown adventure. This can be a fun way to try something new.

Brainy Date – Who doesn’t love trying to figure something out? Try an escape room and figure out how to get out before the time expires. The Clue Room in Centennial is open and offers private rooms for problem solving adventures. Challenges like Spy Ops, Shadow Gallery, Nautilus and other themed games are a great way to share an event and talk along the way.

Themed Date – Choose a theme such as an ocean excursion or a Parisian getaway – anything that speaks to your collective interests. For the ocean date, pick up some seafood, put up a beach umbrella in the living room, rent Jaws and grab a fruity drink with an umbrella. For a Parisian getaway, stop by Ziggi’s for a cafe au lait and pack a picnic lunch, French style – charcuterie, crudités, quiche and a nice bottle of wine. Don’t forget the dessert – a sampling of macarons would fit nicely in a picnic basket. If the weather isn’t cooperating, don’t worry about picnicking outdoors; any warm spot will do.

Adventure Date – Maybe a little adventure is just what you need with your evening out. Try zip lining, rock climbing walls, or if the weather permits, mountain biking on the trails throughout Douglas County. You can also go to Boondocks or try Sky Zone Trampoline Park for some active and childlike fun.

Chill Date – There’s nothing wrong with having a relaxing date. The Exchange Coffee House + Conversation in Castle Pines offers the perfect spot to grab a drink and a snack. You can sit out on the patio near the fire pit or on the front porch swing. It’s a perfect spot to talk about life.

Keeping your marriage working requires paying attention and looking to your partner’s needs. You can’t know what they’re thinking, so communication is key. And what better way to share time with your spouse than having a great night or day out on the town.



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