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Dynamic duo

two dogs sleeping

Although littermates, English bull dogs Joy and Franklin look completely different from one another.
As a breed, they need only a moderate amount of exercise, which they seem to have mastered.

Joy and Franklin are much more than littermates.  They are forever friends, the dynamic duo, the wonder twins and are “indescribable and special beyond words,” shared owner Rebecca Deal.

Joy and Franklin are English bulldogs.  Turning 4 years old this July, they joined the Deal family at 4 months old, and each day they have the family “laughing at everything they do and everything they are,” added Deal.

As far back as the 13th century, this mastiff-type dog breed was used in the blood sport of bull baiting, an exercise that pits a bull against dogs with the goal of subduing the bull by grabbing and biting onto the bull’s nose or neck, often resulting in the death of the bull.

Today, the English bulldog is a medium, muscular breed; very loving and friendly dogs that can become very attached to their owners and families.  They are gentle with kids, perfect for small space homeowners, and great family watchdogs, having kept the courage that was once bred into them for bull baiting.

English bulldogs are not high maintenance, but do require a little effort when it comes to daily grooming.  The breed has a short coat that sheds throughout the year, so regular brushing and bathing will keep them looking their best.  They have large heads with thick folds of skin around the face and shoulders, and a relatively flat face with a protruding lower jaw.  Because their faces don’t allow for much air flow, they may need to be wiped down with a damp cloth on hot days to avoid overheating.

By nature, English bulldogs are a low-endurance dog that need only a moderate amount of exercise.  Both Joy and Franklin are selectively active, and Franklin is “exercise intolerant,” according to the Deals.  Their daily walks around the neighborhood are more of a saunter than an actual walk.  Once out of the house, “We have to bait them with treats every ten yards to keep them going,” said Deal.  The dynamic duo enjoys car rides but are more comfortable inside the car than venturing out anywhere.

The duo enjoys all food but are allergic to some food items.  Food and environmental allergies are common in bulldogs.  When these two aren’t enjoying frozen blueberries as a snack,  Franklin likes to play soccer and Joy likes to chew golf balls, but her favorite pastime is dissecting toys, dog beds and couches.  Franklin also enjoys “pancaking” on the floor, sleeping on the family pillows, and acting as the family alarm clock with his snoring.  Generally loud breathers, English bulldogs tend to snore and wheeze.  Franklin and Joy snore louder than anyone else in the Deal household but get bothered when anyone else makes a noise, shared Deal.

Joy and Franklin are best buddies to each other and to the Deal family.  “They make us smile every day without even trying,” said Deal.

family holding their dogs up

Joy and Franklin are true companions to Rebecca and Brock Deal as both Joy and Franklin have been named after each of the family members. Joy is named after Rebecca Joy and daughter Kira Joy. Franklin is named after Brock Franklin and son Camden Franklin. The Deal family from left to right; Rebecca, Camden, Franklin, Joy, Kira and Brock Franklin.

By Julie Matuszewski; photos courtesy of Rebecca Deal



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