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Food Demand Exceeds Supply

Executive Director, Dan Marlow

It’s eye opening to realize how much of life can be defined by specific moments – the moment when you get the perfect job, the moment when you first hear the sound of your baby’s heartbeat, the moment when you buy a new house. However, there are also more difficult moments – the loss of a job, divorce, unwanted news from the doctor. I’m grateful that I’ve often watched these troubling moments turn into moments of triumph, joy and hope.

At Help & Hope Center, we are in the business of meeting people during some of the hardest moments in life, and we devote our many resources and services to seeing those troubling moments turn from despair and uncertainty into hope and new direction.

Currently, Help & Hope Center is in the midst of a troubling moment. Due to unprecedented supply chain issues and rising food costs, our food pantry is going way over budget on food. We pride ourselves on supplying our clients with the best selection of groceries, but we simply can’t sustain this level of food purchase.

We need your support unlike ever before. We are committed to meeting the increased demand; this is and always will be our mission.

In response to this difficult moment, we are asking for your help. We hope to raise an additional $50,000 to purchase food. Please donate whatever you can and note “Food” on your gift.

Through food drives, financial donations and additional volunteers, we will turn this moment into one of hope for our neighbors in need. Every gift we receive turns into a defining moment for our clients and ultimately our community.

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