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Great horned owl rescued from soccer net

By Lynne Marsala Basche; photo courtesy of AA

A September morning started as a typical school day for American Academy (AA), but it quickly turned into a mixture of tense moments and excitement when a great horned owl was found trapped in one of the school’s soccer nets.

AA’s facilities director Steve Cunningham found the majestic owl tangled in the soccer net.  Crows were already circling and stalking their prey, and Cunningham chased off the relentless creatures.  At first, the owl was scared and unsure that Cunningham was there to help, but the bird realized he was being rescued.  As students and teachers watched the situation unfold, Cunningham got to work cutting the net to free the trapped owl.

With the last snip of the net, the owl spread its magnificent wings and flew to freedom as cheers and cries from everyone watching filled the air.

It is not everyday students have the opportunity to witness a great horned owl with its yellow-eyed stare up close and watch the bird rescued from such a dire situation.  What a truly memorable experience, and one with a happy ending that will stay with AA students, faculty and staff for a lifetime, especially Steve Cunningham!

Editor’s Note:  ABC News contacted The Connection and shared this photo and story with its affiliate stations, reaching hundreds of thousands of viewers worldwide.



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