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GreenEarth Cleaners celebrates Earth Day

Contributed by GreenEarth Cleaners

Millions of people around the world will be observing Earth Day on Saturday, April 22.

“Earth Day is a special day in our store because it reminds us that we are making a positive contribution to our planet every day by using GreenEarth® instead of traditional drycleaning solvents,” said Thyfault.

“Earth Day reminds many of us that there are a lot of simple, easy steps and changes people can make that will make a real difference for our environment and for our store. The technology we use to clean your clothes is just one way we work to be environmentally responsible. We constantly look for ways to minimize our environmental impact” Thyfault said. Some of the ways GreenEarth Cleaners does that by:

    Using recycled hangers
    Offering reusable garment bags
    Offering paperless invoicing
    100% recycled & recyclable GreenEarth EcoHangers
    Using degradable poly

“The GreenEarth Cleaning process is better for the community, the customers and the employees. We are proof that it is possible to be both ‘clean’ and ‘green’. Our customers actually prefer the way their clothes look, feel and smell with the GreenEarth Cleaning process,” said Thyfault.

GreenEarth Cleaners offers a convenient drive thru, 24 hour locker access, and drop box so its customers can run their errands when it is convenient for them, and their prices are posted above their counter so there are no surprise upcharges. “I feel good providing quality at affordable prices and all without impacting our environment,” said Thyfault.

GreenEarth Cleaners will be celebrating Earth Day on April 21 at its store. Please stop by and enjoy the festivities!



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