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History, art, nature and science at your fingertips

By Patte Smith

There are many ways to be entertained and learn while remaining at home. Several museums in the Denver metro area offer science and history topics, art, nature and videos online that the public can access. Here are a few of the museums that can make what seems like a dull day turn into an adventure. Sit together with your family and enjoy.

The Denver Museum of Nature & Science is featuring “Stay Healthy, Love Science and Avoid Boredom at Home!” geared for kids to learn about math, science and engineering. For more information, visit Login to the DMNS Facebook page, to view Fantastic Beasts and Where We Store Them and a Virtual Voyage Through the Universe.

To cure gardeners’ spring fever, visit the Denver Botanic Gardens website. Wander through the gardens viewing photos under the Collections & Exhibitions tab and be sure to view the science collections. For more information, visit

The History Colorado Center staff chose 16 podcasts they feel are the best regarding history. The site even offers an introductory video How Do I Listen to Podcasts? to get viewers started. Visit and click the Podcasts tab. Be sure to also click The Collection tab and then search their collection of catalogs to view the center’s online collection of archives, artifacts and photographs.

The Denver Art Museum has a very large online collection of art. To fill a creative soul, visit

The Clyfford Still Museum has 51 pages of their online art collection that includes information about each piece. Visit

The Museum of Contemporary Art is featuring artists’ talks, livestreams and “general lightheartedness” on Instagram @mca_denver.

It is “all aboard” for railroad buffs. The Colorado Railroad Museum has photos, archives and pictures of special items that can be viewed online. For information, visit and click on Plan Your Visit/Library & Collections.

Enjoy these websites to the fullest by clicking around the web pages to see what is offered. There is noteworthy information to be found right at your fingertips.



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