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Is your business invisible?

By Michelle Post

Video is a must-have for businesses today. Today’s consumers love video content and are 92% more likely to share the videos they watch. Additionally, a consumer is more likely to buy after viewing a video demonstration of a product or service.

With today’s smartphones, we all are carrying a full media company in the palm of our hands. Smartphones have given businesses the ability to capture everything from product demonstrations, behind the scenes looks into a business, how-tos, live Q&A sessions, and so much more. Consumers prefer to see and hear a business before they make a purchase decision. Hubspot, a company whose mission is to make business more empathetic, human and personable, determined that more than 50% of consumers want to watch videos from brands.

There are two types of video: (1) professional video with all the bells and whistles (back drop, perfect lighting, music, etc.) and (2) raw video, which is the type you create with your smartphone. There is a need for both. Raw videos give consumers an opportunity to learn who you are, and they want that. Social media is all about the “social” and that means engaging with your community. And no better way than through an impromptu video.

Don’t let the fear of doing video (FODV) keep you from tapping into its power. Any business that wants to remain relevant is encouraged to embrace video and make it a part of their digital marketing strategy. The more simple and raw the video, the more authentic it comes across; and consumers want authenticity from brands. Videos don’t have to be long. Consumers like short “snackable” videos, 30 seconds to four minutes, appears to be a sweet spot.



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