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Longtime resident catches a Rockies game or two … hundred

Photo of Pat Dempsey at Coors Field

Pat Dempsey commutes to Coors Field for more than recreation these days. After 40 years in the software industry, Dempsey now works for Event Services at Coors Field.

Longtime Castle Pines resident Pat Dempsey is finding great satisfaction in his next chapter of life, pairing his passion for baseball with his job for Event Services at Coors Field.

Originally from Peoria, Illinois, Dempsey moved after college to Colorado in 1977 to attend graduate school at CSU. Two years later, he moved to Santa Barbara where he met his wife, Sandy, who was born in Canada and grew up in Maui. The couple married in 1986 and their sons were both born in California.

A job in software brought the family to Colorado where Dempsey worked for 40 years, mostly in sales and support organizations managing U.S. and Canadian regional and global teams. The Dempseys moved to Castle Pines in March 1993, coincidentally the same year the Colorado Rockies started playing for the National League West division of MLB in Denver.

Photo of the Dempsey family at Coors Field

The Dempsey family loves to attend Rockies games. Pictured here in 2008 (left to right) are Michael, Pat, Sandy and Thomas.

The Dempseys have two sons, Thomas (33) and Michael (30). They are a family of devoted fans who have been going to Rockies games for decades.

In 2019, Dempsey retired from the software industry and pivoted to a more “fun” job and to be closer to a sport he adores. He works for Event Services at Coors Field scanning tickets, checking bags at the gates, and ushering guests to seating areas, among his other duties.

“It is fun to be part of enjoyable, energetic events, especially in my case, sporting events, such as the Rockies,” Dempsey said. He added that he has met co-workers who have become friends from all ages and backgrounds. “It has been refreshing and rejuvenating to spend time with these colleagues.” While there were no fans in 2020, Dempsey worked last year and this year for the stadium.

Dempsey concluded, “The overwhelming percentage of fans are fun to meet and great to be around – they are there to have a good time, too.”

When not watching or working his favorite pastime, Dempsey enjoys golf, hiking, biking and traveling with his wife.

By Kathy Fallert; photos courtesy of Pat Dempsey




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