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Low Precipitation Levels Prompt County Fire Ban

How Dry is 2006?

Galen Crowder, CPN resident and former Metro District Board member, is one of many homeowners in the area that tracks moisture statistics in the community.

Just how dry is 2006? Take a look at these numbers provided by Crowder:

January 1, 2006 – May 4, 2006 3.75 inches

January 1, 2005 – May 4, 2005 9.35 inches

January 1, 2004 – May 4, 2004 7.32 inches

January 1, 2003 – May 4, 2003 8.52 inches

Moisture totals for each month can be found at

by Terri Wiebold

On April 26, 2006, the Douglas County Board of County Commissioners adopted a resolution restricting open fires in the unincorporated areas of Douglas County. For Castle Pines North (CPN) residents, that meant no open fires, including the sale and use of all fireworks, except in specific circumstances.

Low precipitation levels and forcasted weather conditions were factors which led Douglas County Emergency Management and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) to request the County issue the ban. This was the first ban of the wildfire season, and it was issued as a preventative measure to protect public health, safety, and the welfare of the community, according to a statement issued by the Sheriff’s Office.

Galen Crowder, former member of the Castle Pines North Metro Board of Directors for the last four years, has tracked moisture statistics in the CPN community. According to Crowder, precipitation levels in 2006 are low, as compared to previous years. “We have a large amount of open space in Castle Pines North that is in a natural state and does not receive irrigation. With the lack of precipitation and the continual drying winds, these areas will become vulnerable to wild fires,” said Crowder.

The DCSO recently released a statement indicating fuel loading had created a significant threat of fire in Douglas County’s forests and prairies, in part, because of dry weather conditions in recent months.

DCSO Public Information Officer, Lt. Alan Stanton, said these restrictions were a proactive approach intended to eliminate human-caused fire ignition sources. For this reason, the ban prohibited residents from the use of ALL fireworks in CPN and surrounding areas of unincorporated Douglas County.

To read about specific restrictions contained in the ordinance, go to, or contact Douglas County Emergency Management at 303-660-7589 for additional information.



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