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Mandatory Water Restrictions Begin May 1st

While the blizzard of 2003 dumped more than 30 inches of snow in the Metro area, Colorado has seen less than normal snow fall for the seventh consecutive year.

This year, the Metro District continues to encourage conservation of water and will impose mandatory water restrictions for all CPN customers. The 2004 irrigation schedule will be similar to last year’s water restriction schedule. Addresses will be assigned a circle, diamond or square watering day, and will be allowed to water every third day.

Rotating water schedules will help distribute production requirements and supply needs.

“The average home in CPN uses 175 gallons of water a day in the winter months,” said Dahl. “That number increases to 1,100 gallons per day in the summer, primarily for irrigation purposes. We hope everyone will limit their watering this year and adhere to the watering schedule.”

Homeowners should receive a postcard with the complete irrigation season schedule by late April.



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