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Xcel Power Line Update 3-26-2004

The Senate approved HB-1348 today, by a vote of 28-7. (more to follow)

No Debate on Senate Floor — Formal Vote on Friday 3-25-2004

HB-1348 reached the Senate today and, unfortunately, was not debated on the Senate floor. A preliminary
“voice vote” was taken and the “yes” and “no” votes were divided. The Senate Chair ruled the bill had passed, however, the formal roll call vote will be held on Friday, March 26th. The bill is expected to formally pass tomorrow.

A special thanks to everyone on the Xcel committee who has worked countless hours towards defeating this bill. We appreciate your efforts on behalf of our community.

Senate hasn’t voted yet on powerline noise bill. 3-24-2004

The Colorado Senate has not yet voted on HB-1348, the power line noise bill. The bill was on the Senate Calendar for Monday, March 22, however the calendar was very full and they didn’t get to this bill. The bill is now on the calendar for Tuesday, March 23 Thursday, March 25. The Senate is scheduled to be voting on bills from 9:00 am until noon.

Power Line Noise Battle Ends on Monday – – Call Your State Senator TODAY!

By now you’ve probably heard that Xcel will begin construction of a new power line in the eastern corridor of CPN this fall, with construction complete next spring. Related Story

This project will change how the poles look, but the real question is whether Xcel will be able to boost the voltage at some future date. This would increase noise pollution to levels that exceed the state law for noise nuisance in residential areas.

To prepare for their future plans, Xcel has proposed House Bill 1348 in the Colorado Legislature to change the state statue, and give electric utilities a waiver to raise the legal limit for noise produced by power lines. The bill passed the Senate Committee this past week, and moves on to the Senate for a vote on Monday, March 22nd.

If House Bill 1348 becomes a law, “industrial level” noise would be allowed on all power line corridors throughout Colorado – even in residential areas just like ours. Under the law, Xcel would not have to compensate homeowners for loss of enjoyment or values to their property. Homeowners would have industrial-level buzzing right in their backyards.

How Can You Help?

By working together, we can encourage Senators to defeat this bill and protect homeowners throughout our state.

Call or e-mail your State Senator today and tell him/her to vote NO on House Bill 1348.

Come to the State Capital on Monday morning and let your voice be heard.

Click here for a list of Senators and information on what to say

If you would like more information about this issue or would like to join our local Power Line Committee, please contact Linda Nuzum or Keri Brehm at or call 303-482-3078, ext. 4.

For More Information on the bill:

Colorado Legislature web site:
Go to “Current Regular Session Information” and enter “1348” in the box above “Go directly to bill number”

Want to read the bill?

Click here for a copy of the version of the bill that passed the House (18k pdf),

Click here for a copy of the Senate version (15k pdf)



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