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October Modern Manners

Graphic of Thoroughly Modern Manners

Dear Readers,

It’s that time of year, the holidays are looming and so are the many social obligations we might consider.  It’s time to revisit the RSVP or to put it more simply saying YES or saying NO.  Yes, I love parties!  I love to host parties.  I love to attend parties, but even Mrs. Abramovitz has to say no sometimes.  I gauge all my interactions with this mission statement: “Do I have the energy to meet your enthusiasm?”  This includes hosting—your guests should be entertained and delighted by you;  and attending—you have an obligation to be delightful to your hosts and other guests.

I’d like to see us have better habits about committing to parties.  I’d like to see us have better decision-making skills around yes or no, and I’d like for us to obligate ourselves to continuous improvement in this area.

The words “yes” and “no” get used in comparison to each other so often it feels like they carry equal weight.  In reality, they are opposites that carry different magnitudes of commitment.  “No” is a decision and “yes” is a responsibility.

Does the invitation light you up?  Did you check your schedule?  Obligate yourself with a “yes” and then SHOW UP.  Try to get in the habit of saying yes or no immediately upon receiving an invitation;  your host will be so grateful.  I saw a saying the other day that said, “I didn’t wanna come, I just wanted to be invited.”  Those people can just say no right away.

Let’s keep doing our best!

Big Love, Mrs. Abramovitz



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