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Planning Commission maintains Castle Pines’ appeal

The Castle Pines Planning Commission made renovations to the conceptual design of a new car wash in Castle Pines as it went through the City’s review process, keeping the exterior design attractive.

Since its inception in 2010, the Castle Pines Planning Commission has been busy maintaining the je ne sais quoi that makes Castle Pines so special. It recently challenged a business coming to Castle Pines to “do better” and change the aesthetic of a new car wash to better match the look and feel of the community.

The Commission deliberates and makes recommendations to the City Council on land-use applications, proposed long-range policy planning documents and zoning regulations. It consists of seven citizens from various backgrounds who are appointed by the City Council. The same seven members also comprise the Board of Adjustment, a body that holds public hearings on variance requests and considers appeals to interpretations made by City staff.

Plans are moving forward to construct a car wash on the vacant land on the northwest corner of Castle Pines Pkwy. and Beverly Blvd.

Thank you to the following resident volunteers who serve on the Commission: Millard Foraker (chair), Vincent Oletu (chair pro tem), Lisa Glynn, David Goode, Seth Katz, Jeremiah Maupin and Michelle Wiley. The Commission meets on the 4th Thursday of every month at 6 p.m. in the Douglas County Library – Castle Pines. Your commitment to ensuring Castle Pines building standards are remain consistent with the community is appreciated. To learn more about the Planning Commission, visit

By Chris Michlewicz; courtesy photos




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