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Postage rates increase for second time in 2021

By Hollen Wheeler; courtesy photos

The first postmaster general was Philadelphia scientist, statesman and Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin. Appointed by Congress on July 26, 1775, he was tasked with fixing a troubled postal service still paying any postal profit to Great Britain. Franklin laid the foundation for many of the postal services still offered today, establishing regular schedules and efficiencies, to name a few. The photo (featured right) is a post office Franklin owned in Philadelphia.

Picture of The first U.S. postage stamp honoring Benjamin Franklin

The first U.S. postage stamp honoring Benjamin Franklin was issued in 1847 and cost 5 cents.

On August 29 and for the second time this year, the U.S. Postal Service implemented new postage rates. Listed below are the highlights of the recent rate increases:

First-class letters
The postage rate for a first-class letter (1 ounce) purchased at the post office increased by 3 cents to 58 cents. For those who print postage online, the metered mail rate received a 5-cent discount off the post office price, with rates decreasing to 53 cents. Each additional ounce will continue to cost 20 cents, no change from the 5-cent increase in January.

The rate for a first-class mail flat/large envelope (1 ounce) increased by 16 cents to $1.16 and postcards went up 4 cents to 40 cents.

Priority mail flat rate boxes and envelopes (commercial base pricing)
Priority mail rates increased in January, and were not raised again.

International letters
The postage price for an international letter (1 ounce) increased 10 cents to

Certified and return receipt mail
The cost to mail a certified letter or package increased 15 cents to $3.75 from $3.60. For the additional option of a return receipt with your certified purchase, the price increased 20 cents to $3.05 from $2.85.

Media mail
Media mail rates were raised incrementally. Prices will vary on weight. As an example, a 1-pound package was raised to $3.19 from $2.89, a 30-cent increase.

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