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Preparing to be global citizens

Photo of DCS Montessori School at global citizens

These global citizens of Brazil proudly wave their handmade flags adorned with 27 stars and a white banner with the country’s slogan, “Ordem e Progresso,” which means Order and Progress.

Through the love of learning, the goal of Recipes Around the World is to prepare students to be global citizens. In the combined lower elementary classroom of DCS Montessori (DCSM), teacher Leana Kerr and educational assistant Emily Montague Mendoca’s main objective is to provide multicultural experiences taught with a Montessori approach.

Photo of classmates work together to make the perfect batch of pão de queijo

Aila Freeman and her classmates work together to make the perfect batch of pão de queijo – a crispy but chewy cheese bread.

Their students had the opportunity to prepare and taste cuisines of the world while exploring the diverse backgrounds of some of their fellow DCSM peers. While virtually traveling to Brazil, students learned the Portuguese language, customs of the country and, of course, indulged in delightful recipes of pão de queijo and brigadeiros.

Cooking Brazilian cheese bread and truffles were just some of the segment’s highlights. Students Zoe Berger and Noah Eberhart shared their skills in Brazilian jiujitsu, a martial art, combat sport, and a self-defense system that focuses on specialized moves.

Photo of student demonstrating on Brazilian jiujitsu moves.

Dressed in her gi, Zoe Berger prepares her fellow classmates for a demonstration on Brazilian jiujitsu moves and techniques.



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