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Seymour the great

Photo of the Stotz family: Mark and Stacy, Caitlyn, Lindsey and Christian with Seymour the do.

The Stotz family, (back row): Mark and Stacy; (bottom row): Caitlyn, Lindsey and Christian. The Stotz children enjoy their family pets, Seymour and Gizmo. They love to snuggle, play indoor chase and fetch, and feed Seymour waffles.

Seymour may be a physically large dog, weighing 99 pounds, but the mixed breed is really a gentle giant. He has been a wonderful companion of the Stotz family, who adopted Seymour at three months old and have enjoyed every minute of their now 4-year-old family member.

A DNA test provided Seymour with his genetic history: Great Pyrenees, Australian cattle dog (ACD), and goldendoodle. His massive size and lush white coat are characteristics of both the great Pyrenees and ACD but his sweet demeanor is most certainly goldendoodle. Seymour’s ancestry tells an interesting tale.

Once powerful mountain dogs to deter predators, the great Pyrenees were bred long ago to help shepherds herd livestock in the Pyrenees mountains. Today, the breed is more mellow and makes wonderful guardians. Like a Pyrenees defending its flock, Seymour has been a true guard dog to the Stotz family and fellow family shih tzu, Gizmo. Pyrenees are naturally gentle, and as puppies like to chase and play with smaller animals.

Photo of Seymour the dog reading The Connection.

Seymour’s soft, human-like eyes were made for reading The Castle Pines Connection.

ACDs are smart and very alert dogs. However, if they feel bored, ACDs can find themselves in a bit of trouble – from digging muddy holes in the yard to chewing anything in sight. While Seymour himself has not been a chewer, he has been known to show his natural wild side chasing bunnies and other wildlife while on neighborhood walks and camping hikes. When he is not chasing critters, Seymour is typically playing with his family, running around in the snow, or enjoying a car ride while sticking his head out the window.

Seymour is also very affectionate and loves to socialize. His fluffy wavy coat and gentle personality are all common traits of the goldendoodle.

Charming his family members with his soft, human-like eyes, it never comes as a surprise that Seymour receives love, hugs, and even butt scratches as he passes through the legs of the Stotz family.

By Julie Matuszewski; photos courtesy of Stacy Stotz



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