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Splattered by rapid fire

Article and photos by Julie Matuszewski

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Photo of Matuszewski family is ready to take the field for capture the flag.

Strength in numbers while covered in paint, the Matuszewski family is ready to take the field for another round of capture the flag.

I consider myself someone who is up for any type of adventure, but I do not think I ever really imagined I would end up on a battlefield running for cover from 12-year-old boys. There are many paintball fields in and around the Denver area, all offering players a day of cutting loose and carefree fun. Dressed in playing field attire and wearing my best game face, I had the time of my life.

Our first paintball outing was spent east of Denver at Dynamic Paintball. This playing field was the best option for our group and skill set being first-time players. Although there are no wooded areas, there are massive well laid out bunker fields. The big field has buses, dirt mounds, tankers, trucks and several other structures to provide cover.

In our first game of “The Alamo,” my adrenaline was soaring, and I have to admit, I was a little unsure of my battle skills. I hid behind safe structures as paint balls ricocheted off, splattering paint all around. I could not help but ask myself “how bad does it hurt when you get hit?” There was only one way to find out … and that was to jump in the game. I pointed and shot paint balls aimlessly. At what, I am not sure. I was not really looking. Once hit, I realized the contact did not hurt any more than a flick to the hand. After that first hit it was game on for the rest of the day.

Safety is number priority at all paintball locations. One can never be too careful where they will be hit.

Most paintball guns shoot a .68 caliber paint pellet. The pellet is a thin plastic shell filled with water-soluble paint. Guns shoot the pellets at a speed of 200 to 300 feet per second. Because the pellets are light, they get little momentum in flight, making them nonlethal. Hits to bare skin hurt the worst. If you are planning on a day of paint war, you will want to plan accordingly by wearing a long sleeve shirt, long pants and sneakers. Think camp attire. Protective helmets are included with your playing package. Although the paint does wash off easily and out of clothes, it is best not to wear your Sunday best.

If you are looking for off-field game time or wooded terrain, you do not need to travel far. Located in Sedalia, Paintball Adventures’ 110-acre site offers another great playing field with forts, building structures and a recreational wooded field. Staff at all locations will run a variety of games throughout the day to ensure all participants get their share of fun. Typical game playing time can run from 20 minutes to one hour.

All locations offer full equipment rentals and proper sanitizing stations. Safety is highly stressed at all times and under no circumstances are facemasks to be taken off while on the playing field. There are covered staging areas, so participants can pack drinks and lunch. Otherwise, snacks and cold beverages are available for purchase.

On a scale of one to 10, my son rated the experience a 10, saying it was the best time he had had in a long time and that it was great to bond with friends.

Castle Pines resident Shawna Prewett shared that her son, Bryson, was so excited after our paintball excursion that he had never-ending stories to tell about his adventures.

Paintball makes the perfect day outing with families and friends, and it is a great team building activity. The welts will eventually fade but the memories will not. The adrenaline and excitement will keep you returning to the battlefield.



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