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Spring chicks hatch

Photo of chicken eggs in incubator.

Students remained committed by monitoring the temperature and humidity in the incubator and researched the variety of breeds provided to their class. After ten days into the incubation process, the eggs were “candled” or viewed from the inside to see which of the eggs were viable for hatching. Each classroom had 10 viable eggs that were ready to hatch out of 12 total eggs.

What better way to usher in spring than with hatching baby chicks? Two third grade classrooms at Timber Trail Elementary were chosen to participate in the 4-H Embryology Program through the Colorado State University Extension Douglas County office. Teachers Kimberly Jester and Michelle McCluskey each received fertilized eggs for their classrooms, and from the beginning of the 21-day process, the students were mesmerized and committed to watching the chicks grow. Once the eggs began to jiggle, the little spring chicks started to “pip” out of their shells as scheduled. During an otherwise challenging year for students, the experience was rewarding and therapeutic for both students and staff, commented the teachers.

Photo of student at TTE holding newly hatched chick.

Students and staff were mesmerized by mother nature, as they watched each egg hatch into a chick. Taryn Pettis gently holds a new chick and receives a little chick therapy after a long day of school.



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