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Steer clear of coyotes on the prowl

Information courtesy of the Douglas County Sheriff’s website.

Coyote sightings have been on the rise in Castle Pines so it’s a good time to be reminded about coyote safety for your family and for your pets.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has received multiple calls in the last month about coyote sightings and encounters in the higher populated areas of Douglas County including coyotes that have been walking the fence lines between Esperanza and Winter Berry searching for pets to prey on.

Here are some tips about coyote encounters and also how to avoid them. Coyotes are usually skittish around humans and typically try to avoid people whenever possible.

Frighten coyotes with loud noises.
Fear of humans is important for coyote survival.
Keep garbage in a tightly sealed container.
In your yard, remove pet food, fallen fruit and spilled seed beneath bird feeders.
Use yard lights or motion detectors to frighten them away.
Keep pets in fenced areas or covered kennels.
Stay with your pets while outdoors, unless pets are in a secured, covered kennel.
Do not allow pets to run loose. Keep pets on a leash.

If you encounter a coyote:

Never feed or attempt to tame a coyote.
Do not turn your back on a coyote or run away from a coyote.
If approached, make loud noises and make yourself look big. If this fails, throw rocks or other objects.
Always keep yourself between the coyote and small children.
Don’t feed other animals that coyotes prey upon. Birdseed often attracts these innocent animals to your backyard which in turn attracts a coyote that is hungry.

Although attacks on humans are extremely rare, parents need to speak to their children about what to do if they encounter a coyote. The Colorado Division of Wildlife has an extensive Web site that details information about coyotes and what to do if you spot one.

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