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Succeed with serving not selling

By Michelle Post

When you shift your focus from selling to serving, both you and the customer win.

~ Zach Robbins

Every day, I receive emails trying to sell me services and products. Do you receive the same emails? A business will not survive without selling; however, there is a shift happening from selling to serving. Kate Ellis states, “When it comes to creating a successful relationship-driven business model with repeat and referral business, the number one thing you need to focus on is serving your customers instead of selling to them.”

Why is serving better than selling? Serving builds relationships. A serving business shows it cares about the customer, not just the sale. A business that serves, is one a consumer can trust. And that customer is more likely to refer your business to others via word-of-mouth and world-of-mouth (social media). A business who serves will also become a business served by its customers.

How does a business develop an attitude of serving? First, be a business that people want to believe in. Your business needs a mission or a cause. Consumers today are buying more than just your products or services, they are buying into you. Second, ask questions. Ask the customer what they need. Notice, I did not say want. How do your products or services make their problems easier? Third, do not be afraid to give freely by creating value-added content that answers questions, opens doors, and rewards action.



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