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Tennis, love and coaching

By Carin R. Kirkegaard; photos courtesy of the Scott family

Photo of the Scott family in 2017

The Scotts, pictured in 2017 (Elle, Bart, Leo, Kaley and Willa), moved to Castle Pines not only for work but to be closer to family.  The Scotts love the close-knit community and see it as the perfect spot for their children to grow.

Like so many young couples starting out, Bart and Kaley Scott didn’t envision what their future would hold. When they met in Colorado Springs in 2005, Kaley was attending college at the University of New Mexico (UNM) working on a degree in healthcare communications. Bart was playing tennis on the Futures Tour, chasing the chance to make the majors and play Wimbledon. Kaley describes their meeting as love at first sight. They both knew they were meant to spend their lives together.

It wasn’t long after, that Kaley made the decision to put college on hold and travel with Bart on the tennis circuit. She fondly remembers those days. Each week they would hope Bart would win enough money to keep playing. “Some weeks we would have made just enough to celebrate with a dinner at IHOP, and other weeks we would make enough to pay the mortgage,” reminisced Kaley.

Bart’s skill as a tennis player didn’t go unnoticed, and he received an offer to coach at University of Oregon, a Division I Pac-12 school. It was an opportunity they couldn’t pass up. After two years in the Pacific Northwest, the Scotts returned to UNM where Bart took over the head coaching position and Kaley finished her degree. They spent eight years there and started their family.

Photo of Willa, Elle and Bart Scott at the HOA1 tennis courts

Willa, Elle and Bart Scott at the HOA1 tennis courts getting in some practice time.

The opportunity to partner with a mobile dental practice in Denver presented itself, and it resonated with the couple. With children in tow, the Scotts seized the opportunity to move closer to grandparents. They landed in Castle Pines, equal distance from their office in Denver and family in Colorado Springs.

Handling the business side of Access Mobile Dental – a mobile clinic that comes to the patient – the Scotts are helping seniors gain access to healthcare. “Why can’t we get this right?” pondered Kaley. The Scotts welcomed the challenge of figuring out what access looks like for different populations, whether the roadblocks are socioeconomic challenges, geographic barriers or physical limitations. Providing exceptional care safely with the added bonus of accessibility was important.

Coaching sports is still present in the Scotts’ lives. Now, Kaley coaches Elle, Willa and Leo through Castle Pines Athletics. Bart’s coaching evolution is pushing a cart of tennis balls to the neighborhood courts to work on swings with his own kids.

Willa, the Scott’s middle daughter said, “Dad it’s so cool you married
a coach.”



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