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Words of worth

By Julie Matuszewski; photos courtesy of Christy Kloter

Photo of Christy Kloter’s leadership classroom

Christy Kloter’s leadership classroom is open and ready

Even though there are several changes to school this year, one thing remains constant for Christy Kloter – her excitement and desire to connect with her students, both new and returning, in person and remote. Christy is a teacher who is passionate about what she delivers to her class. Every day she speaks value and leads her students by example.

Before restarting her career as a teacher, Christy was a stay-at-home mom of four children. Driven by her Christian faith, family and students, eight-year Castle Pines resident Christy has returned to the classroom with the same drive and passion she carried years ago.

A graduate from Colorado Christian University, Christy received her education degree from mentors who gifted her with inspiration and education that she still holds tightly today.  When asked what she loves about teaching, Christy responded, “I love children and I love investing in the future.  I love finding potential in others and coaching them on how to go after it.” Watching her students grow into their full potential is just one of Christy’s favorite parts of teaching.

Photo of Christy Kloter with her family.

Out of the classroom, Christy Kloter values her time with her family. Above, Christy and her husband, Warren, celebrate daughter Rayna’s graduation from SkyView Academy. They are pictured here with daughter Selah (front), son Asher (left), Rayna (middle) and Avery.

Christy is in her fifth year teaching at SkyView Academy (SVA). Having spent a majority of her career teaching elementary students, Christy now teaches middle school. She teaches them to take responsibility, express themselves and handle problems and decisions when they arise. Her leadership class “speaks worth,” while providing students an appreciation for the need of a vision in goal setting, personally and professionally. Christy says she feels challenged to give her best so her students will become the very best version of themselves possible.  She shared, “Everything we do and all the goals we set for ourselves revolve around the ability to find the best in ourselves and in others.”

SVA Board President, Ellery Veldhuizen, has had the privilege of working directly with Christy. As a parent herself, Veldhuizen was not only comfortable but also grateful that Christy taught her daughter, Graysen. Veldhuizen said, “Christy is the perfect fit to teach the leadership class. She has a solid understanding of how students are to mold and navigate through school and life.” Veldhuizen said Christy always has her students’ best interests at heart.

Christy remains committed to preparing students to be lifelong learners and honorable leaders of tomorrow. Signs and phrases hang in her classroom reminding her class to be nice humans, always leave people better than you found them, and always speak worth in everything they do. When her students discover their own self-worth and are ready to approach life prepared to achieve, the opportunities are endless.

Photo of affirmation of Christy Kolter's great teaching

Written affirmations are a teaching favorite of Christy Kloter’s. Once a week students are asked to think of someone that they can speak worth about through affirmation. This practice teaches students how to look beyond themselves and to find value in everyone around them.



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