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CU Buffs walk with purpose

By Carin R. Kirkegaard; courtesy photos

Photo of Josh Harmon (left) and Brad Hansen (right) who walked 51 miles on day one to raise awareness of raciall injustice.

Josh Harmon (left) and Brad Hansen (right) walked 51 miles on day one, 33 miles on day two, and slept in a car left for them at Palmer Lake in between.

Just prior to returning to school, two sophomores from the University of Colorado – Josh Harmon and Brad Hansen – whose roots run deep in the Castle Pines community, walked 84.6 miles from the Martin Luther King Memorial in Denver south to Fort Carson. The trek took 37 hours and spanned two days.

Their goal was to raise awareness for racial injustice. With contributions from 176 different donors, many of whom were from the Castle Pines community, the young men exceeded their fundraising goal of $10,000 for the Boulder County Branch of the NAACP.

Photo of Harmon and Hansen at Martin Luther King Memorial

The two boys began their journey at 2:45 a.m. from the Martin Luther King Memorial in downtown Denver.

“It’s an organization that’s close to home, but also has the ability to make an impact far beyond our immediate area,” stated Harmon. “We are incredibly grateful to be able to support them and their mission through the generosity of our community and donors far beyond. We hope that our actions may inspire others to seek out change in their own lives,” he stated.

“As a parent, you raise your child to be kind to others and teach them morals that you believe are important,” stated Josh’s mom, Monica. “As they grow, they are influenced not only by their family but by the community where they are raised. Josh and Brad both attended schools in the Rock Canyon feeder area and developed many positive relationships with people in the Castle Pines area. These experiences helped mold who they are today. I couldn’t be prouder.”

Both Harmon and Hansen have been asked to join the Boulder County Branch of the NAACP of the NAACP, and they both intend to accept the offer.

Photo of Hansen and Harmon at Fort Carson

Fort Carson in Colorado Springs was the final destination, after 37 hours.



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