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Timber Trail dads and daughters kick up their spurs

Pictured left to right:  Middle schoolers Laney Cox, Lia Halvas, and Caroline Frahm spent a Saturday night back at elementary school to run the “general store.”


Megan Miller and Sophia Maday ride the range in their cowboy hats at Timber Trail. (Photo courtesy of Wendy Maday). 

Fourth grader Alex Botero spends a special evening with her dad, Luis, at  Timber Trail’s annual daddy-daughter dance. 


Duo Keith and Keira Schnell stop to smell the flowers at Timber Trail Elementary’s annual daddy-daughter dance.
Sisters Simone and Alana Connor spent a special evening with their dad.

Article and photos by Lisa Crockett

A boot scootin’ good time was had by all at Timber Trail Elementary’s (TTE) annual Daddy-Daughter Dance last month.  With a theme of “Denim and Diamonds,” the school was transformed into an old-west town, complete with a general store, riding gear, and cowboy-style treats and music.  

This year, middle-school volunteers helped with some of the heavy lifting and prep work.  “It’s great to be here to help out,” said 14-year-old Caroline Frahm, who spent the evening helping out in the general store selling candy and trinkets to eager customers.  “It looks incredible in here, I hardly recognize it as a school.”

The effort to change the school into a party venue takes weeks of preparation and hours of work prior to the dance.  For Jennifer Halvas, who co-chaired the event with fellow Timber Trail parent Whitney Shank, it was worth every minute.

“I love the sense of accomplishment I feel when it all comes together, and I love working with the other parents at the school,” said Halvas.  “It’s great to provide a fun night for the dads and daughters.”

Girls and their dads came in everything from cowboy boots to high heels according to their preference, but no matter what they wore, the evening provided some quality family time.

“The best part of the evening is just being here with our daughters,” said Keith Schnell, who came to the dance with daughter Keira.  “It’s fun to see all the dads and daughters together.”

Twin sisters Simone and Alana Connor, who are in the third grade, echoed that sentiment.  “We love that we get to be here with our dad,” they said.  “We always look forward to it.”



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