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Used Car Lot Pops Up at I-25 Interchange

Used cars, signs for ski lift tickets, even huge yard art statues have been for sale in the vacant lot found just off the I-25 interchange at the Castle Pines Parkway exit. This parcel of land is privately owned and is under the zoning jurisdiction of Douglas County.

Prior to the overpass reconstruction at I-25, there was a fence surrounding the property that prevented parked cars and various other items for sale from driving onto the property and setting out their shingle. When the bridge and interchange construction was completed the fence was never replaced. Little by little people with things to sell have seen the vacant lot as a prime location to display their wares.

The owner of the land is located in Oklahoma and not readily available to view what is happening on the property. With many complaints made to Douglas County Zoning by the CPN Master Association, a notice of violation was sent to the property owner. The owner has until December 9, 2005 to comply.

For further questions regarding this property contact Douglas County Zoning at 303-660-7460.



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