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An Open Letter From Sheriff Weaver

Dear Douglas County Neighbor:

As your Sheriff, I would like to inform you of certain criminal activities that are occurring throughout Douglas County.

The most common type of burglary that we are seeing in Douglas County are burglaries associated with open garage doors or doors at a residence that are not locked or secured. The suspects in these incidents targeted these homes because of convenience and opportunity

These types of burglaries can be deterred and even prevented by closing garage doors, even when at home. Vehicles that are parked inside of your garage or in front of your residence should be locked and all valuables should be removed. We are asking residents to be our eyes and ears and report any suspicious activity immediately (303) 660-7500 for non-emergency and 911 for emergencies.

I encourage you as residents of Douglas County to establish Neighborhood Watch blocks in your area. Programs such as this allow Douglas County citizens and Sheriff’s Office personnel to work together in partnership, thus deterring and solving crime within the county.

For more information about Neighborhood Watch and to receive a Neighborhood Watch Start Up Packet, please contact Deputy Cocha Heyden or Deputy Ron Hanavan at (303) 660-7544 or look on our web page at WWW.DCSHERIFF.NET

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office takes all crime in Douglas County very serious. We actively and aggressively pursue those that victimize our residents and visitors of our community. An example of our diligence is shown in an arrest that occurred in December of a suspect that was responsible for 11 burglaries throughout the county. This suspect targeted unoccupied homes.

As your Sheriff I strongly believe that building relationships with the community allows the Sheriff’s Office to become more effective in our commitment to building a safer stronger community.

David A. Weaver
Sheriff of Douglas County



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