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What is a Puff Bar?

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In an attempt to stay in touch with younger generations and keep abreast of what’s hip, what’s hot and what’s happening NOW, this segment delves into the fringes of pop culture.  Our intention is to educate, and we in no way endorse any of the products or ideas shared in this column.

By Terri Wiebold

Puff Bar is one of many brands of disposable, all-in-one vape devices that is designed for one-time use. These disposable devices are newer to the e-cigarette space and have grown in popularity, as they are exempt from the federal ban earlier this year on flavored e-cigarettes.

With bright colored packaging and a variety of 24 flavors – strawberry banana, grape, peach ice, pineapple lemon and O.M.G. (orange, mango, guava) to name a few – it is no surprise that these devices have quickly captured the attention of younger users.

The bright-colored plastic devices are small enough to fit into a pocket and resemble a USB drive. Each is filled with cotton soaked in a liquid mixture of flavor additives and anywhere from 1.8 to 5.0 % salt nicotine. When you inhale from the device (“hit” it), the lithium-ion battery in the device heats the liquid to produce a mildly-sweet smelling and tasting vapor.

Unlike other vaping products with pods, Puff Bars are pre-charged and pre-filled, making them disposable. Once the battery dies or the device has run out of liquid, it can be discarded. According to the manufacturer, a user can expect to get up to 300 puffs per bar, which can range in price from $7 to $9. The newer Puff Bar Plus can yield up to 800 puffs per device.

These disposable devices are available over-the-counter at most gas stations and convenience stores. Effective last year, you must be at least 21 years of age to purchase ANY tobacco products.

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(Editor’s note: Just prior to going to press, the FDA issued warning letters to several companies, including the makers of the Puff Bar, to pull their product(s) from the shelves and cease online purchases due to non-compliance with multiple regulations).



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