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Why Recycle?

Information provided by Waste Management

Recycling can make a difference for our community, our environment and our future. Last year, Coloradans recycled 219,117 tons of materials with Waste Management. Recycling these materials saved 2.6 million trees, 918 million gallons of water and 375 million kWh of electricity.

Recycling recovers materials for reuse in manufacturing rather than using raw materials to make consumer products. For example, aluminum, steel and glass are endlessly recyclable. If you recycle an aluminum beverage can, it is typically back on the shelf as a new can within 60 days.

On average, Americans produce 4.4 pounds of trash per day. For a two-person household, that equates to more than 1.5 tons of trash annually.

You can help keep valuable resources out of the landfills by recycling empty metal cans, plastic and glass bottles and jars, clean paper and cardboard. You can make a big difference when you recycle right. For more information about recycling, visit



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