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Women in Business: Connections are empowering

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Maggie Lugo is taking her knowledge of the boardroom to a female-only networking group, hoping to connect more women leaders.

Maggie Lugo is a business development and recruiting executive in the consulting world.  She works for TGRP Solutions as the director of consulting operations, but she recently uncovered a new passion: she created a forum where women can connect and consult with one another.  Lugo got the idea while surveying the spaces where she works.  She noticed something was often missing, and that something was more women.

In her line of business, Lugo said most of the people she meets are men.  She encounters something like 10 men for every two women, and with that, she said, comes plenty of opportunities for men to forge more connections.

“There are a million men’s groups,” said Lugo.  “They have their thing, but women’s groups just do not exist.  We are so underrepresented.”

Lugo thought, why not have more groups for women, and by women who can mentor, inspire and lift one another up?

According to Lugo, it is challenging to balance both career and home life.  “How do we bridge the two to make life a little bit easier for each other?  How do women empower women to help each other thrive?” she wondered.

More than an idea, this became a passion for her.

Lugo launched Women in Business (WIB) at the beginning of 2023 by inviting colleagues to join through Linkedin.

Currently, WIB has more than 1,000 members – a sign that women are hungry to have deeper connections in the workplace.

WIB does newsletters, monthly networking events (either speaker or motivational events) and all the while offering ways to connect philanthropically by volunteering together.

“People share their stories.  Even if they are at the top of their field, to hear them share their struggles, failures and successes gives people hope,” shared Lugo.  “WIB allows people to build real connections.  I think it is honest to say we all struggle as women because doing it all is not easy.”

Lugo knows this to be true because it is also her story.  By all accounts, Lugo is successful in her chosen career, but she is also a mom to a fifth and second grader.  She tries to catch school parties and whatever events her kids want to attend.  She loves being a mom.  She loves being an executive. Bringing the worlds together can be tough at times.

“I certainly do not have all the answers; my story is full of humility,” Lugo said.

But she knows walking in community with other women and learning from their experiences is key to everyone succeeding financially, emotionally and relationally.

Lugo concluded, “I love to see people joining their efforts.  At the end of the day, you feel so empowered, like you can do anything.  You can take on the world.  I want that for everybody.”

Lugo calls The Canyons home and hopes to connect with more of her neighbors throughout Castle Pines.  To connect with Lugo, visit Linkedin and search Maggie Lugo (Maggie L.)

By Karen Leigh; photos courtesy of Maggie Lugo



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