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A five-star dining experience in your own home

Chef Derek Howard creates masterful dishes and is also a wine connoisseur.  Howard has a large wine cellar in his home and enjoys preparing dinner and wine pairings as an integral part of his business, Culinary Artistry’s.

Article and photo by Amy Shanahan; additional photos courtesy of Derek Howard

For Chef Derek Howard food is more than just sustenance, it is an art form that is meant to be enjoyed and savored.  Howard graduated from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in 1994 and has enjoyed being involved in the food industry ever since.

Since moving to Castle Pines Village eight years ago, Howard has begun exploring his passion for delicious food in a unique way.  Howard formed his company “Culinary Artistry’s” and is now a private chef for small plated events in people’s homes.  “It’s like bringing a high end restaurant to your home,” explained Howard.  

The classically trained chef has an extensive menu from which his clients may choose and he changes it seasonally in order to provide the freshest ingredients.  Howard enjoys cooking for parties of six to 30 people, and for a variety of events ranging from business dinners, rehearsal dinners, dinner parties, and wine tastings and pairings.

Howard thoroughly enjoys being creative and is proud of his unique offerings.  “I enjoy the faces that people make when they eat my food,” remarked Howard.  “The ‘oohs’ and the ‘aahs’ are the best.”  

Howard spent time working in Napa, CA under Chef Michael Chairello in his early years, and followed that up perfecting his skills in Washington and at The Phoenician resort in Arizona.  More recently Howard owned a restaurant and catering company in Colorado Springs.  However, his current business has brought him the most pleasure, as it allows him to create beautiful moments for his friends and local community residents.  “My wife Gege and I entertain constantly.  I’ll try new recipes here at the house with our friends and while some recipes I rarely make twice, others are tried and true.”

Howard enjoys going to his clients’ homes and preparing elegant meals.  Though some items are prepared in advance, Howard cooks on-site and all the items are made fresh.  Howard provides his own plates and dishware and will also supply wine glasses if needed.  Howard and his wife have developed numerous friendships within the neighborhood, and whether he is cooking at his home or at the home of friends or clients, his love for what he does shines through.  “I love the community here.  It’s a community that does things together,” remarked Howard.

To schedule your dining experience with Howard, call 719-661-2665.



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