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Amp-lympics 2023

The art zone was a big hit at the AMP-LYMPICS. Students helped in the creation of the incredible Recylco-saurus made of empty cardboard boxes. The famous Recylco-saurus is now on display in the school Town Square for staff, students and families to enjoy.

Field day is a favored end-of-school event celebrated at many schools throughout the country. It provides students with the opportunity to work together and show their school pride while being active. This year, Timber Trail Elementary celebrated field day through art, music, and PE in addition to honoring traditional Olympic values of friendship and sportsmanship. Art, music and PE Olympics or ‘AMP-LYMPICS’ included all student participation from kindergarten to fourth grade.

Third- and fourth-grade students started in the morning with opening dances to Sarasponda and All Around the World, the torch run and the reading of the poem and oath. They then took part in the eight challenging and collaborative stations that included the parachute, obstacle course, relays, and fitness challenges. The morning closed with dances to the Macarena and Cha-Cha Slide.

Kindergarten through second-grade students took part in the afternoon, with opening dances to Seven Jumps and Heigh-Ho, the torch run and the reading of a poem and oath. They also took part in the eight stations and closed the festival to the dance tunes of Baby Shark and The More We Are Together.

PE teacher Marina Bonello Goers, known as “Dr. B,” appreciated all the children, school staff and parents who made this year’s festival a success. All classes earned a class trophy at AMP-LYMPICS and all participants enjoyed the final closing ceremony of refreshing Popsicles.

The bright colors and fun games of the parachute brought students together as teams while exercising.

By Julie Matuszewski; photos courtesy of Dawn Medina



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