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An Important Message From South Metro Fire Rescue

South Metro Fire Rescue Meeting Dates and Times:

The South Metro Fire Rescue Board of Directors meets the third Thursday of every month at 7 p.m. The meeting location is 9195 E. Mineral Avenue (north of Park Meadows off Chester Boulevard between County Line Road and Dry Creek Road.) Castle Pines North residents are welcome to attend.
The following information has been provided by South Metro Fire Rescue regarding emergency response procedures:

South Metro Fire Rescue has reminded all its paramedic and emergency medical technicians that Castle Pines North residents may be participating in the “Lifeline” program and as such may be keeping health and personal information in a plastic bag inside their refrigerators. Although not mandatory, a list of current medications, personal physician and emergency contact phone numbers, and any relevant medical history can be very helpful in an emergency. This is especially true if no family members or friends are on hand to provide this kind of information. If you are keeping such a list in, or on, your refrigerator, please check it regularly to make sure the information is current.

If you believe you, or a member of your family, are experiencing a medical emergency, do not wait to call 911! Most 911 calls are not life-threatening emergencies but are those that can be made much worse by delay. There is no charge to you for our crews to come to your home and evaluate the situation. There is only a charge if you are transported by ambulance to a hospital.

If you call 911 for a family member or friend or neighbor, do the following: Follow any directions given by the emergency dispatcher. Give the exact address, and if the address marker is obscured or missing, have someone outside to wave down rescue personnel. It can also be helpful to gather current medication bottles so we can confirm the types and dosages of medications the patient is taking.

For information about the services provided by South Metro Fire Rescue, visit



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