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Be prepared for an emergency evacuation!

Information provided by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

Prepare for Emergency Evacuation –
Douglas County Sheriff David A. Weaver and the Office of Emergency Management remind all residents of Douglas County to think about the possibility of an emergency evacuation from their homes. Some mandatory evacuation orders and pre-evacuation orders for residents living in the southwestern portion of Douglas County have already been issued.

With the continuation of the wild-land fires in the state, we encourage all of you to be prepared for any event that may require you to evacuate your home or business. Because you live in a non wild-land fire danger area doesn’t mean you will not have to evacuate your home or shelter.

What You May Need –
All residents should be prepared for any type of an emergency and have a minimum of a three day supply of food, water, and medicine on hand to take with them.

You should have a plan in place. This plan is not only what you will take with you, but also where you will meet other family members. Remember, phones may not be working, so if you can’t call them, where is your meeting location?

What important documents must you take if everything is destroyed in your home? Do you have an inventory of your belongings for insurance claims? Have those things been appraised and listed on your home homeowner’s policy? Where are your passports, birth certificates or insurance documents located? Do you have cash on hand if stores cannot take credit cards or ATM’s are not working?

Think about photographing or videoing your entire house inside and out and putting this and other important information on a flash drive or two. You can give one to a family member, a friend or put it in a safe deposit box.

Where/How to Get Information –
During emergencies, the sheriff’s office does its best to post the most recent information regarding evacuations and other public safety concerns on

Subscribe Via Social Media –
Residents can subscribe to the dcsheriff news blog and receive alerts via e-mail, facebook, and twitter, when the blog is updated. To get the latest information, it is suggested that county residents subscribe today to the news blog, Facebook (Douglas County Sheriff) and Twitter (Dcsheriff) or by going to and using the Facebook and Twitter icon in the middle of the home page.

Sheriff’s office news can be accessed here:

Register for Emergency Notifications –
Have you registered your phone number for emergency notifications? Here is the link:

If you are a county resident please register for the Emergency Mass Notification System. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is able to alert residents about fires, floods, toxic environmental issues and other emergencies using Everbridge Aware™ mass notification system.

Messages can be sent to residents on cell phones, home phones, via e-mail, text messaging, pagers, PDAs and more – ensuring that individuals that work in the county or reside here receive life-saving emergency information and important public service announcements.

Any Century Link home phone listed in the county’s 9-1-1 database is automatically subscribed to alerts by phone. If your home phone service is any provider other than Century Link, you will need to contact your phone provider to determine if you have been registered.

If you are not registered, please go to the above link to register. It is suggested that all county residents and those that work in Douglas County register and provide additional contact information such as cell phones, text messaging, home and work email, etc… (It is suggested that if you work at a location that has a large phone system or PBX type system that you do not register your work line). This will ensure you will receive important emergency information that is affecting your residence or place of work, no matter where you are. It is also suggested that you include all forms of communication devices for all residents living at your address including children. If you need assistance please call Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Community Resource Unit at 303-660-7544. Again, that link is:



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