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Bookworms use influencer-based avenue for exploring new titles

By Chris Michlewicz; courtesy photo

Bibliophiles Corner
Most in-person book clubs are on hiatus due to the coronavirus, but avid readers are finding a new way to consume and discuss books with some of the most talked-about celebrities of today.

Literati, a virtual book club with a star-studded twist, has spent recent months entertaining kids and adults alike with little-known and popular book titles. Members of the $25-a-month club receive a new book each month. They then discuss the books with luminaries in business, sports, activism and the arts, everyone from NBA superstar Steph Curry and billionaire tycoon/philanthropist Richard Branson to women’s rights advocate Malala Yousafzai and bestselling author Susan Orlean.

New book selections are announced by Literati’s luminaries on the 15th of every month and books ship on the 18th. Members discuss specific chapters or topics on the Literati app, and club luminaries guide the discussion. The subscription service also hosts monthly “Ask The Author” events, which are held live on Zoom and YouTube.

Literati Kids book clubs for ages 0-12 bring age-appropriate children’s books to members’ doors each month. The delivery includes a box of five inspiring, entertaining titles beloved by teachers, librarians and parents, as well as an accompanying collectible art poster and personalized stickers. The curated monthly collection follows a theme that explores new ideas and is intended to spark kids’ curiosity, intellect and spirit of discovery, according to Literati’s website.

Photo of boy reading a book
To further encourage reading as a hobby for the underprivileged, Literati has donated more than 190,000 books to underfunded public schools, women and children’s care centers and nonprofits.

It’s a new realm for bookworms to delve into, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.



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