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Buddy Center Celebrates 20 years

The Dumb Friends League Buddy Center, located in Castle Rock, celebrated 20 years of service on November 12. Brownie and Bandit, two dogs adopted from the Buddy Center, helped mark the occasion with a festive “ribbone” chomping, the dog version of “ribbon cutting.”

Since its inception in 2002, the Buddy Center has provided adoptions, pet admissions, lost and found services, behavioral support, and animal care services. The Center also provides humane education opportunities to children and adults from the local community.

“Our volunteers show up for us every day and, more importantly, they show up for the animals because they care so deeply,” said Megan Newhouse, director of volunteer engagement at the Dumb Friends League. “While there’s no place like home, our volunteers play an instrumental role in enriching the unique journey of each and every animal who comes to the Buddy Center.”

Currently, the Dumb Friends League is looking to expand its volunteer team to further increase the Buddy Center’s reach and impact in the community. If interested in making a difference, visit

Information and photos courtesy of DDFL



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